Energy Automation

Energy Automation



• Ensuring management of the HV and LV power distribution and control system automation section

• Identification of priorities for the charge to be taken and to be shed

• Load shedding and taking ordering by operator

• Choosing a different order of load shedding and taking in a day

• Monitoring of loads and all other electrical parameters of cogeneration system, the network and loads

• Instantaneous graphical analysis of the load shedding



• Thanks to the software prepared by GEOTEK, according to the amount of energy used, billing and meter reading automation solutions are offered to all businesses.

• Provision of communications by selecting the appropriate communication bus, meters, energy analyzer, etc.

• Report, archive and invoice design according to the desired format

• Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual records based on consumed energy location in the business (machine, oven, ...) and source (gas, electric, water, steam)

• Energy consumption SCADA permits the results of the monitoring and the follow-up to transfer to excel online via the intranet or internet established in the business or company.

• With periodic billing via the billing terminal, the automation system automatically transmits invoices to the business at the end of each period by e-mail to be attached to the current record of the businesses.

• All  real time and instantaneous data are collected and registered to the SQL database. It ensure all RTUs to be in the same time zone. The system works with the duplicate database.

• In the consumption tracking SCADA and automation systems, report management can easily be planned in accordance with user needs. It sends the user consumption data via a bill on the basis of the existing accounting software invoice management system.


Energy Automation

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